2020 New USB Microphone link cable

2020 New USB Microphone link cable


Category: Accessories

This USB Microphone cable in itself owns sound card and can be compatible with computer without addtional driver, just plug in your instruments or microphones, electronic organ and so on, then you can start recording high quality digital music works easily.. 


Supports USB 2.0/1.1. 
Plug and play, no driver installation required, unit is identified automatically. 
Embedded A/D convert with audio signal boost. 
Power supply via USB interface, with USB connection LED indicator. 
High quality professional shielded cable and Cannon XLR- Female plug. 
16bit 48/44.1 kHz digital quality sound input. 


Compatible with : Windows 98SE / 2000 / XP / VISTA / Win7, MacOS X. 
Complaint with USB2.0 Full Speed Operation. 
System Requirements : Computer with USB port. 
Color: Black. 
Resolution: 16bit 48/44.1 kHz. 
THD+N (-3dBr): -76dB. 
S/N Radio: 83dB. 
Dynamic Range: 80dB. 
Input impedance:1Mî©. 
Frequency Response at 48KHz: 20-19KHz. 
Singal Input Range: 0-2.8Vpp. 
Singal Boost Gain: +20dB. 
Cable length: 3m. 
Net Weight: 100g. 

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