50 watts bass shaker
50 watts bass shaker 50 watts bass shaker

50 watts bass shaker


Size: 5 inch
Colour: black
RMS:50 W
4 ohm or 8 ohm for choice
75 mm voice coil
Category: Bass shaker

                 Bass pump subwoofer

               (vibration speaker)

Detailed Product Description

Instead of vibrating membrane is the oscillating magnetic suspended.

Through a music signal it the mangnet (large mass)moves and the vibrations are transferred to underground.

There is (depending on substrate)structure-borne noise or audible sound.

in the car,especiallly in convertibles or vehicles may be used without a subwoofer.

Even powerful system deliver significantly more bass.

In any home theater duty:The bass ,enines and explosions are not only audible,but also clearly noticeable.

winning PC and console games a lot more reality.

Use for cars,trucks,boats,water-beds,home theater system, game system.


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